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Review: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Life is looking even bleaker for young Harry Potter. The malevolence he has battled all his life seems slimier and more powerful than ever. When he defends himself and his vile cousin Dudley against magical attack in Privet Drive he is threatened with expulsion from Hogwarts and is put on trial by the Ministry of Magic. Continue reading

Gleewarts 2003

Originally published June 21st, 2003 Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

An enormous crowd of wizardly types thronged Platform 9 ¾ at Sydney’s Central Station early this morning, as well as a few Muggles tagging along for the show. The Ministry of Magic provided entertainment by jugglers, fire-eaters and harpists, while sundry robed dignitaries greatly resembling Professors from Hogwarts took time from their busy schedule to be there.

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